Two Porn Stars Have A Cat Fight On The Set Of A Porno And I Can’t Stop Laughing

by 2 years ago

This is one of those things that I imagine happens a lot on porn sets, but there’s a HUGE “hush hush” policy about it to protect the image of the adult film industry. It’s kind of like the NFL’s “protect the shield” PR tactics that are always positive and cheery. I’ve never witnessed a stripper fight, but an old BroBible colleague once witnessed two strippers stop their separate lap dances to pull each other’s hair out. All the girls on the floor rushed over and started screaming and clobbering each other. He just kept laughing the entire time, as one would do, then refused to pay for the lap dance after things calmed down.

Anyway, this video dates back to 2013 and is allegedly from the set of a porn. The two girls really hate each other, apparently, which I assume stems from a threesome scene gone sour. Threesomes have a weird way of doing that to people. I love it when the director rushes in to calm things down like it’s a goddamn locker room brawl.

“Come on, guys! We’re all on the same fucking team here!” really takes on a new meaning when you apply it to a porn set.

BTW: “C*ntbag” is such a great, underused insult. Really needs to be in the vernacular more.

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