UK Woman Allows Her Boyfriend To Sext Other Women

by 8 years ago

According the The Sun (UK edition), a brain-dead b*tch by the name of Natalie Davies claims that allowing her boyfriend, Adam Phillips, to sext with other girls has a positive effect on their relationship and it ultimately keeps him from straying. Fat Nat said that, “Allowing Adam to sext strangers is the best thing I could have done for our relationship. I know what he's up to, he won't stray and he gets his kicks without hurting me.” In fact, Adam can send random women photos of his junk and even receive pictures of women flogging themselves with common household items. And as long as he doesn't cheat and he lets Natalie see the texts if she wants, he is golden. Fool proof idea on her part, because deleting texts is impossible.

I know that chicks brainwash themselves if they are in love, but this dolt is on another f*cking planet. She firmly believes that if professional athletes wives had the foresight to employ this method, their cheating husbands would have never gone astray in the first place. Yea honey, and when your boyfriend tells another chick that he wants his dick to live inside her, like a cavernous wolf, he has no intentions of actually doing it. I mean come on Natalie, have you seen the ugly look on your own face?

Throughout the article Natalie continuously assures The Sun that she is in charge by saying things like, “I told Adam I was allowing this so he didn't have an affair, which he insisted he would never do. He explained that he got a thrill from sexting and that all of his mates were far too scared of their partners' reaction to be honest with them. That made me feel better about the situation as I realized none of those women had any idea what their men were up to. At least I now know what Adam is doing and, with the rules in place, I have complete control over the situation.” She is probably right, because that doesn't sound eerily similar to something a drug addict would say.