Veronica Vain Dished On Mia Khalifa, Fetish Porn She’d Try, And More When We Went On The Set Of Her First Porn Shoot

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It seems like an eternity since JCamm first brought us the story of Veronica Vain, the Wall Street intern turned porn star. While Veronica has created headlines around the world, one thing she hasn’t created is any actual porn. She’s being hailed as the new face of the industry before even touching a single penis! Sure, she was a phenom in the small pond of Corporate America, but could she hold her own in the big leagues when it mattered? Would she be RGIII or Andrew Luck?

There was only one way to find out–we headed to the set of her first movie, Screwing Wall St: The Arrangement Finders IPO. We sat down for a lengthy, wide-ranging interview to dig deeper and find out about the woman behind Veronica, Paige Jennings.

Over the course of our hour-long interview, she touched on a wide range of issues including: NYC’s secret sex clubs, why she’s turned off by guys in the office, how she went about having her first gang bang, why she loves Jewish penis, and much, much more.

Peruse the videos below, Part One of our two-part interview series, and get to know porn’s hottest newcomer.

Veronica Vain On… Stripping vs. Porn, and Her Sexual Revolution
Veronica discusses the differences between stripping and porn, when she lost her virginity, and why it took her so long to open up sexually.


Veronica Vain On… Wall St Dudes, Potbelly Sandwiches, and Her Favorite Lunch Spot
Veronica worked in an office of mostly men. Did she ever think about hooking up with them?


Veronica Vain On… Fetish Porns
Veronica isn’t diving into the deep-end of porn quite yet. What can we expect from her down the road in her career?


Veronica Vain On… Her Wall St Boss, And Inappropriate Office “Flirting”
Was Veronica attracted to her Wall St. boss? Why was she getting in trouble for being a little too friendly around the office?


Veronica Vain On… Competitiveness With Mia Khalifa
Veronica and Mia are the two hottest names in porn right now, so is there any beef?

Check back Monday Morning for Part Two of our exclusive interview from Veronica Vain’s first porn shoot. We also have other articles throughout the week from our time there, including an interview with Veronica Vain’s boyfriend.

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