Porn Star Veronica Vain Took To Twitter To Advise You On How To Get Your Girlfriend To Bang Like A Porn Star

by 3 years ago

Veronica Vain is one of only a few porn stars I follow on Twitter. We have some work history together (See: here, here and here) and she has always been nothing but gracious with her time in respects to BroBible. My lack of following others is not because I’m porn star averse or anything, it’s just that I’m on Twitter a lot — in public and at home — and it’s not a dynamite look if my wife peers over at my phone screen and sees a chick spreading her lips wider than Mick Jagger’s mouth. That leads to conversations I don’t want to have. Ever.


While I was scrolling through my feed a few minutes ago, I saw that Veronica Vain was dishing out sex advice. Most notably, advice on how to get your girl to do anything you want in the bedroom. How to get her to “fuck like a porn star.” Because that’s what this generation wants; a freak in the bed who might be able to pull herself together in public. If not, no big deal, at least we get the freak part. We’ve successfully masturbated ourselves into that mentality. Go us!

What is Vain’s advice? Well, it’s really simple. So simple that it just might work. But it also might not, because some chicks don’t want you to shoot sperm at their face no matter how well you treat them. Crazy, I know.





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