Vicious Catfight Erupts Between 4 Girls And Chick Loses Her Dress Thus Exposing Her Panties The Entire Brawl

by 1 year ago

When fellas hit the club, bar or whatever social event that involves consuming copious amounts of alcohol they are prepared to look stylish, but also could throw down if some fucko disrespects their boy. Ladies on the other hand really take great pride and effort in peacocking themselves for a night on the town with 6-inch stiletto heels, gaudy AF necklaces, and short, constricting skirts. Not the optimal battle gear for an all-out brouhaha. That was the stumbling block when four ladies attempted to fight each other and it provided an embarrassing look for one chick.

We take you to Toronto where a nasty catfight erupted inside the Smoke’s Poutinerie because Canada. Fact: nothing goes better with French fries and cheese curds topped with a light brown gravy than a good ole fashioned catfight.

The lady in red seems to have an extremely short dress that rolled up and exposed her matching red panties for everyone in the establishment to see her undies. I see London, I see France, I see this chick’s underpants!

There are two other battling each other while lil Miss No Dress struggles with her ground game. The woman with the schoolgirl skirt swings blindly at her opponent, but ends up smacking the poor guy trying to break up the fight right in the head.

You have to respect the enthusiasm by the guys in the background attempting to make Springer great again at the end of the fight with chants of “JERRY! JERRY! JERRY!”

One guy shouts, “This is the best night ever!”

It would be tough to argue that a night of drinking followed by gorging on a hearty plate of delectable poutine where a thong catfight breaks out was not the best night ever.


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