This Video Of Moms Not Knowing Porn Terms Like ‘Glory Hole’ And ‘Money Shot’ Is Sooo Adorbz!

by 4 years ago

Distractify gathered together some innocent mothers and asked them to give the definitions of various porn terms and they didn’t do well.

The first term was “BBW,” to which the moms made some interesting guesses to what the acronym stood for including, “Boy Boy Women,” “Ball Walking,” and “Black Balls Wide,” what does that even mean? One mother gave the motherly response of, “I know what BFF means.” It of course means “Big Beautiful Women.” While they struggled mightily, the alternative is that these moms chuckle at how easy these questions were and rattled off all of the porn terms in seconds.

The next abbreviation was “DP.” And one mommy answered “Double People,” which was close, but no cigar because the answer is “Double Penetration.”

We ditch the acronyms and move on to “Money Shot.” These sweet mothers blew it with answers like, “Something that you do for money.

However several moms came close to nailing the answer when they said that a money shot “sounds like a drink.” While another said, “It’s like the best shot.” Yet another mother said, “Oh like a funny face?” And technically while they are not the exact definition, I would still give them points for coming inches away from the bulls-eye.

Next up is “Glory Hole,” to which the moms couldn’t quite mouth the correct answer and said, “Part of the female anatomy,” “A happy place,” “An asshole,” “Vagina,” “Toilet” and “Sex hole.” Of course we all know that a glory hole is opening drilled into a bathroom stall where a man inserts his dick and in hopes that a stranger will suck him off. Fucking rookies.

To be quite honest, these moms got off easy. The weren’t asked about terms such as “Cleveland Steamer,” “Angry Pirate,” “Alpine Surprise,” “Blumpkin,” “Cuckold” and “Felching.”

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