Videos Of Miami Female Cop Doing Porn Surface And Now Her Job Is In Jeopardy

by 3 years ago

Now generally I have learned that it is typical for porn stars to play the characters of cops in their movies, but I haven’t heard of cops playing porn stars. However that is what it seems that this sexy police officer has done.

Sabine Raymonvil has been a Miami Police Department officer for the last eight years, however her job is in jeopardy now that her revealing past has been exposed. Local 10 News in Miami is reporting that the 30-year-old female cop performed in several porn flicks while also working as a police officer.

There is an ongoing internal investigation by the Miami P.D. into whether those porn movies were filmed during her time as a cop. The station has obtained copies of movies that Sabine has performed to determine if they are before she was 22-years-old when she started working with the police. How quick did someone sign up for that “duty?” Reports allege that Raymonvil appeared in the freaky deaky films well into her tenure as a cop. The department doesn’t have any rules explicitly prohibiting an officer from performing in porn, but that it could be considered violating policies regarding unbecoming conduct. More like “unbecuming conduct,” GET IT!?

There are also reports that Sabine performed sex acts with know pornographer Emerson Callum, who is now serving a life sentence in federal prison after being convicted of drugging and raping women that auditioned to be in his movies in 2012.

WPLG reporter Bob Norman attempted to speak to Raymonvil twice, but she refused to speak on camera. She later called the station and said that her porn career preceded her time as an officer.

“Right now there is a lot going on with this whole situation,” Raymonvil said. “It’s currently under investigation by two police agencies. So I can’t say very much. I’m willing to speak with you after the investigations are closed. I never made porn while I was a police officer.”

Sabine, who I find to be very attractive, shared photos on social media of herself with many celebrities including Snoop Dogg, Daunte Culpepper, Idris Elba, actor Laz Alonso, Hollywood film director John Singleton and Miami Commissioner Kion Hardemon.

It appears that Sabine has appeared in non-fucking movies as well. Who could forget her infamous portrayal of “Woman in Suit” in the 2013 smash hit Aurora, and then her role as “The Girl” in the riveting movie Collapse.