Von Miller’s Sex Tape Partner, Elizabeth Ruiz, Claims She Didn’t Extort Him, Kept Footage For Masturbation Purposes

by 2 years ago

Von Miller’s sextape partner, Elizabeth Ruiz, is firing back at the NFL star for claiming that she tried to extort him.

Ruiz spoke with TMZ and denied the allegation from the NFL star that she’s trying to shake him down for money. Ruiz also went on to say tha Miller was the one who pushed to record the sexual acts.


“When I finally gave in I was like, ‘OK, fine we’ll record it,’”“So I pulled out my phone and we started recording. The whole time, everything was consensual. After the trip Von did call me and we talked briefly. He was like,’ Do you still have the tape?’ I was like, ‘Yes, I do.’ He was like ‘OK, cool, send it to me.’ I was like, ‘No I don’t want it to get out.’”

“He never asked me to delete it. I never ever went up to Von to ask him for $2.5 million or $1,” “My attorney told them what the situation was and they threw out the first offer, and my attorney counter-offered with the $2.5 million.”

When asked by TMZ host Harvey Levin why she didn’t delete the video after the vacation in Cancun, Ruiz admitted she wanted to use it to pleasure herself.

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