Waitress Caught On Restaurant Surveillance Camera Having Sex With Customer Looks To Be Really Working On That Tip

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I’m going to link out to the video in a sec, but let me hit you with the background first you impatient animal.

According to Mirror,

A waitress was caught on CCTV having sex with a customer outside a restaurant after closing time.

The woman was seen straddling the long-haired man at 11.20pm just minutes after the restaurant had closed.

The couple begin having sex on a chair outdoors – and she even lifts up her uniform to expose her breasts.

But the flustered pair have to stop sharply when another waitress bursts through the door to collect dirty plates from the tables at the cafe in the northeast of Thailand.

Good work making it through that. Are you ready for the link? Is Linda from Accounting peering into your cube asking what your plans for the weekend is? If so, turn slowly, look her in the eyes, and say softly “Eating human flesh.” She’ll get the fuck out your way.

Click HERE to see the waitress going ham on a customer.

Shit, my bad, that’s a group of goats in tiny sweaters. Honest mistake.


[h/t Mirror]

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