Wall Street Intern Turned Porn Star Veronica Vain, Now Paige Jennings, Explains Why She Quit Porn

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Remember Veronica Vain? She was the young woman who quit her Wall Street job to become a porn star “because I can’t stop masturbating at work. Formerly Veronica Vain, now Paige Jennings, gave an in-depth video explaining the reasons why she quit doing porn.

She found that porn agents didn’t have the best interests of the women in porn, but rather were looking out for the producers by undercutting the girls and pushing them to do sex acts that they may not want to do. “There’s just not many good people who are agents,” Jennings says. “They are glorified pimps.”

She also said the exploitation of porn stars who are forced to do “a lot of shit in the gray area” made her sour on the porn industry. The straw the broke the camel’s back was the time that she was booked for a boy-girl squirting scene, which she boasted that she can “do that a lot on command.” The male porn star offered her strange pills that were in a Russian box that he said would make her squirt more. She didn’t believe him because she was not aware of any pill that would increase squirting and thought it was probably a Xanax to relax her. The male porn star also was syphilis positive, and Paige is a self-described hypochondriac, so she declined to work with that adult performer. The producers then berated her for not wanting to have sex with a man with an STD. When she suggested using a condom, which is the law in Los Angeles county that condoms must be worn during shooting a pornographic scene, the producers laughed at her request.

She said the industry pushes ethical boundaries because people are more and more desensitized to normal sex. So now they sell pedophilic fantasies and find the youngest looking girls and dress them up in little girls clothes. She said that Florida has a huge amateur porn business, and they recruited girls that just turned 18-years-old and literally skipped school to become porn stars. Paige couldn’t stand working with these young girls who looked like they could be in 6th grade.

She did say that porn is “still a better industry than it gets credit for.” She said it can “feel like a family,” can be empowering, and there is plenty of opportunities available. She said in closing that porn was “amazing learning experience.”

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