We Shout Back Out to CNBC in This Weeks’s Top 5 Hottie Index

by 8 years ago

4. Amanda Pflugrad

As we get excited for Monday’s upcoming National Championship game, we’ve thankfully been re-introduced to Amanda Plfugrad. She's a former Oregon cheerleader, but she now hones her craft for a a local TV affiliate in Phoenix. She’s assuredly providing unbiased coverage for the network. I’m not sure how anyone can take her seriously after seeing her Spring Break pictures from ’09, but we shouldn’t really care too much about that.

3. January Jones

The birthday girl of January 5th turned 33 this week and celebrate by doing a nekked photo shoot for Versace. Unfortunately she covers up her snatch and vuvuzelas with a couple of Versace bags, but we’ll take as much Betty Draper as we can get with “Mad Men” being done for the season.

2. Gemma Merna

Our loyal readers are big fans of the magazine “Nuts,” and really should be if you’re not already. Nuts is published every Tuesday and has contently geared towards the male gender, such as half nekked pics and articles about all the things guys care about: beer, cars, etc. Gemma is this week’s cover girl and she brings a lot to the table, literally. Take her tits out and plop on a table and the damn thing might well tip over. We’ll never watch the show, Hollyoaks, she stars in over in the UK, but we’re sure she acts real good too.

1. Erin Burnett

Although Mark Haines is still getting her to learn the full name of our website, we’re very encouraged to know that Erin does know BroBible exists and happily mentions us on air. We want to thank her by telling her that we think she is wonderful as well and we all feel more educated in the world of money markets by checking her out every day. What better way to get the message across than to have it be delivered by such sexy lady like Erin.

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