The Weather Girl Whose Boobs Popped Out Of Her Top On Live TV Has Pulled This Trick Before

by 2 years ago
Roxana Vancea weather girl

MIrror - Antenna1

Remember way back yesterday when she showed you that sexy Romanian weather girl named Roxana Vancea who popped out of her top on live TV? If not, go check it out, we’ll wait.

Okay, everyone back. Cool.

Well, the Mirror being the news sleuths that they are, discovered another video of our now second favorite weather girl (Yanet still rules).

This video shows the 25-year-old taking part in an exercise routine where she once again seems to have a little trouble containing her now most famous assets.


Apparently this is not an uncommon thing as I did a little “sleuthing” of my own and a quick perusal of YouTube soon discovers…

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