Kudos to Those Looking for Attention in This Week’s Top 5 Hottie Index

by 9 years ago

In order to make our BroBible Top 5 Hottie Index the celebrity, athlete, model, or other notable hottie in question needs to be relevant at this moment and tearing up the headlines. Just because you're hot isn't enough. You need to be in the news.


5. Sasha Grey
“Entourage” doesn't take paid product placements because HBO doesn't air advertisements, but that doesn't mean being on the show doesn't help products gain public recognition. Avion tequila, for example, is a real brand launched this year by a childhood friend of show creator Doug Elin. “Entourage” also helps raise an actor's profile to the mainstream, especially a adult entertainment star who's trying to raise her profile from adult films to the big screen. Enter Sasha Grey, Vince's girlfriend for a multi-episode run. What's going to be weird is when you talk to your dad about the show and he says that he remembers seeing Grey somewhere before and then you realize you left a few of her adult entertainmentos in your room when you went off to college. Hopefully he's enjoying her talent as much as you are.


4. Alison Brie
“Mad Men” is truly reaching the mainstream this year (though the debate between what's a better TV show between it and “Breaking Bad” seems to live on) and Christina Hendricks has been getting most of the attention. We at BroBible made sure Alison Brie got her share of attention this week by highlighting how open she is to talking like a dirty hoe in her interviews and, frankly, we love it. For those that don't fancy red heads, Brie provides a surefire reason to watch the show. I mean how do you not like a girl who starred in a show called “Hot Sluts?” That's a f*cking no brainer.

3. Katy Perry
Katy Perry may not be the hottest girl out there, but she knows how to show off her assets aka her tits. Every month or so her publicist makes sure she shows cleavage, or b**bs, or something to promote her free-wheeling angle. Unfortunately for Perry, her latest song has attracted a lawsuit from those representing the Beach Boys. What's annoying is that it's not even the Beach Boys who want to sue her, but the company that owns their music. I'm sure Katy will give you a private photo shoot if you drop the lawsuit. That's just how she rolls.

2. Eva Mendes
O.K., so she didn't actually produce a sex tape, but you have to give Eva Mendes some credit for having a sense of humor. She knows that the words “sex tape” gets people's attention, especially ours here at the Hottie Index, and that's incredibly helpful when you're in a movie that releases this weekend. “The Other Guys” came to theaters on Friday and Mendes stars alongside Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg, so she showed some brains in running with the fake “sex tape” this week. You have to give credit where credit's due, plus she's pretty f*cking hot.

1. Jenn Sterger
There was a time Jenn Sterger would do anything to get on TV. You don't get implants and wear bikinis to football games if you're not trying to get attention. Now the FSU cowgirl is trying to class herself up a little bit and get professional. She became a Jets sideline reporter and eventually moved up to “The Daily Line” on Versus. She even got her implants removed because she thought people were only giving her any street cred because of her b**bs and not her on-air talent. No she's getting street cred for receiving cock shots from Brett Favre. Deadspin kinda threw her under the bus by releasing the story without her full approval, but any PR is good PR right? And Sterger still looks mighty fine in a bikini.

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