Who Is The Hot LPGA Tour Girl Having Sex In HBO’s ‘Ballers’?

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With Silicon Valley and Game of Thrones out of our lives on Sunday nights for the next 10 months, HBO debuted a slate of new programming for the summer season. True Detective returned, along with two new shows: Ballers featuring Dwayne Johnson as a Miami-based sports financial advisor and The Brink, a war comedy with Jack Black. True Detective — for the most part — was boring as hell, besides good ole’ Riggins getting solicited for a blowie from a Lindsay Lohan-inspired Hollywood hottie on the PCH. But Ballers, on the other hand, seems promising — It’s like Entourage except for NFL players in the flashy tropical glitz of Miami.

This means boobs, sex, boobs, sex, money, sports, and shenanigans. But mostly boobs and sex. One of the first scenes is a Dolphins player swerving into a truck after his mistress goes crazy on him in his car about not leaving his wife. A little later, Ricky Jerret gets in fight with a “frat boy” after going to poundtown with a club girl in the bathroom of STORY Nightclub. Jerret’s forced to make a call to his agent, Troy Garrity, who answers the phone with a smokeshow blonde LPGA tour star riding him backwards cowgirl.

This is probably the most Bro-tastic sequence of the Ballers series premiere — NFL star has sex in a club bathroom, gets in a high-profile fight with a frat Bro, calls agent who is having sex with a LPGA star at the time time.

But you’re here for one reason and one reason only: Who was the hot blonde screaming “WHO’S GONNA WIN THE LPGA TOUR?! WHO’SE GONNA WIN THE LPGA TOUR?!” while banging the shit out of Troy Garrity? That, Bros, is actress Christine Bently, who plays rising LPGA star Molly in the show, according to our friends at COED. Bently has had roles previously in Humans vs Zombies, Shark Night 3D, and Hot Tub Time Machine 2, where she plays “the topless chick who hits on Lou.”

Here are some of Christine Bently’s Instagram highlights. Think we’ll be seeing more Molly in coming weeks, Bros?

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