Who Is The Girl In Silicon Valley: Meet Amanda Crew, the Hot Girl from HBO’s ‘Silicon Valley’

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I have a theory about HBO’s new hit comedy, Silicon Valley: What Entourage was to the Bro population circa 2006, Silicon Valley is to Bro population in 2014. Even though we’re only half-way through the first season, my fingers are crossed that series creator Mike Judge (of Bevis and Butthead fame) has enough stamina in him to keep the Pied Piper gang alive and — keyword — funny (unlike Entourage past season 4) for just as many seasons as Vinny Chase and company. Right up there with Veep, it’s hands down one of the smartest comedies currently on television.

Admit it, bros. Five shows in and your eye is starting to gravitate to Peter Gregory’s cute right-hand gal, Monica. When she’s in a scene, your heart starts to pulse just like it did during a scene with Sloane from Entourage or Rachel Chapman (Lake Bell) in How to Make It In America. As the show’s only female talent, she’s adorable and endearing and — now that we know she’s personally invested in Pied Piper’s quest for file compression domination — we can’t wait to see what happens to her.


Who is she, though? Her name is Amanda Crew. Crew’s been in the acting game for a long time, making her film debut in 2006’s Final Destination 3. You work in You might be familiar with her work in sappy rom-coms and dramas such The Break-Up Artist, Crazy Kind of Love, or Charlie St. Cloud, but there’s a good chance that’s lost on you since you’re a Bro and those are chick movies.

If you’re asking yourself where you’ve seen her before, perhaps it was 2008’s Sex Drive as Felicia, a sex comedy about a high school graduate who goes on a road trip to hook up with a chick named “Ms. Tasty” (as played by Katrina Bowden) who he met online. Crew had to pretend to pee in a bottle for that role. Can’t imagine Mike Judge going there for her role as Monica.

A couple years back she had a foxy role as Lola Jensen in USA’s Suits.



Apparently there’s some ass-checking-outness in the show. Bros gonna Bro…



Rewind to 2010, when she made out with every girl’s crush, Zac Efron, in the movie Charlie St. Cloud. The main attraction is Zac Efron taking off his shirt, so things seem to get pretty steamy between the two. So if you happen to date her (you stud, you), remember that you’re getting Efron’s sloppy seconds (from a movie! acting!).



Seriously, from what I gleam off Tumblr, the entire movie just Amanda Crew just locking lips Efron? Geez. This is like porn for women who recently got out of a relationship and are coping with their feelings by eating a pint of Ben and Jerrys while watching Netflix in pajamas on their couch. That said, ladies, you jelly?





Gross. Gag. Barf. Love is gross. Cutesy shit is gross. Why are we watching this?


This brings us to present day. Crew writes a blog called Granny Girls, which seems to be artsy-fartsy DIY projects girls to share on their Pinterest pages. Also, check out her Instagram:

Oh yeah! She does YouTube, too, including an appearance at the end of this video that went viral last year.

Bros are already starting to lose their shit over Crew’s character Monica in Silicon Valley. Check out the fawning Tweets from Bros trying to talk game on Twitter:






Her stock is definitely on the rise within the Bro population. One Twitter bro even called her a “baberhamlincoln.” Give Monica more screentime, Mike Judge! Let’s hope Pied Piper works all it’s shit out so that house full of brogramming geeks makes you rich from that salary cut.

Amanda, hit us up. We’d love to have you write for BroBible, just like Chrissy Teigen did before she blew up. But in the meantime, Bros, go follow her on Twitter and Instagram, Bros….

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