Wish There Was A Donald Trump Porn? Your Wish Has Been Granted!

by 3 years ago


I searched the Internet for Donald Trump porn today, like I have done every Friday for the past six years, and I was FINALLY rewarded! First I found this site DonaldTrumpPorn.com, but not one bit of Donald Trump porn! Talk about false advertising. Despite the disappointment, I kept a stiff upper lip and continued to scour the intertubes for Donald Trump porn. Then I came across this teaser trailer for a DONALD TRUMP PORN MOVIE!

The Donald Trump porn parody is titled “Donald Tramp – The XXX Parody,” and it is free to watch on the porn site WoodRocket.com (NSFW obvi). They have produced tantalizing videos such as “What Porn Stars Masturbate To,” “The Knobbit” and “Porn Stars Read Their Hate Mail.”

Portraying the outspoken Republican presidential candidate is the incomparable, the one and only, Dick Chibbles. You may remember him from such adult movies as “Rocki Whore Picture Show: A Hardcore Parody,” “BJ’s in PJ’s 2” and “This Ain’t Duck Dynasty XXX.” The film also stars veteran adult starlet Trinity St. Clair as “The Moderator.” The lovely St. Clair has several admirable credits under her belt including “Mothers Teaching Daughters How to Suck Cock 13,” “Black Bi Cuckolding 13” and “Blow Me Sandwich 16.” I’m suddenly hungry.

Here is the description of the movie, as if you need to be sold on this:

“Donald Tramp – The XXX Parody features the sexiest, silliest, and most opinionated sex of all time! Screw the debates! There is not a Republican candidate that will get you as hard as Donald Tramp!”

The Donald is huuuuuuge in this porn parody, and thankfully the moderator didn’t have a blood coming out of her eyes and wherever on the day of the sexy shoot. The porn does seem a bit far-fetched though because he doesn’t blow his load yelling, “BUILD A WALL!” and his hair doesn’t flop over or fall off during the entire thrusting encounter.

You know Trump is going to watch this and totally jerk off to it.

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