‘Woman v. Workout’ Host Lauren Berlingeri Could Kick Your Ass, And Look Hot Doing It

by 8 years ago

The day I found some dusty old Jane Fonda and Denise Austin aerobics tapes in my basement was a good one. The day I saw my grammar school gym teacher rip her pants demonstrating proper jumping-jack technique was less enjoyable.

There is no ambiguity, however, about a sexy chick that could also kick your ass. It’s hot. It’s emasculating, but true.

Now, I’ve never fought Lauren Berlingeri. And it’s not because she’s avoiding me, it’s because I know exactly how poorly it’d turn out for me.

Berlingeri is the host of the viral “Woman v. Workout” series on YouTube in which she takes on extreme fitness challenges and handles them with great aplomb. Seriously, it’s pretty damn enjoyable to watch her train with the New York City Fire Department or throw axes around with grizzly lumberjacks.

Here’s her latest challenge: Hanging tough with Navy SEALs.