You Can Do It! More Women Are Jilling Off To Porn On A Regular Basis Than You Ever Imagined!

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We know that approximately 97.8 percent of guys jerk off to porn. But what about the ladies? How many females are flicking their bean to porn?

In a survey of over 3,000 women, Marie Claire asked women various questions pertaining to their porn viewing habits. British photographer and contributing editor Amanda de Cadenet spent over two years interviewing females about their modern relationship with porn for a documentary.

The stimulating survey found that 31 percent of women watch porn weekly, 30 percent a few times a month, 21 percent a few times a year and 10 percent are horndogs who watch porn daily.

And your lady friend is doing it behind your back. The study found that 66 percent never watch porn with their partners.

So how do women get their porn?

  • 90 percent from Internet porn
  • 40 percent from erotic stories (But there’s no pictures?)
  • 33 percent from Tumblr/image searches
  • 11 percent from DVDs/videos (Do these people not know that there’s something called the “Internet”?)
  • 6 percent from audible porn
  • 3 percent from magazines (I’d go with High Society or Oui)

So what kind of porn do women diddle their skittle to?

  • 63 percent – Heterosexual
  • 44 percent – Lesbian
  • 31 percent – It’s a mixed bag
  • 28 percent – Hard-core
  • 26 percent – Soft-core/”arty”
  • 13 percent – Gay male

How are women viewing their naughty skin flicks?

  • 62 percent – Smartphone
  • 53 percent – Laptop
  • 26 percent – iPad/notebook
  • 12 percent – Desktop computer

There were 73 percent of women who said that they masturbate to porn because “it’s a quick road to an orgasm.” While 39 percent said, “It gives me ideas for my own sex life.” Let’s pray she’s watching FFM threesome videos.

Of those surveyed, 76 percent say porn doesn’t negatively affect their sex lives or relationships in any way. There were 59 percent who had negative thoughts about porn because of the concern about how the porn industry treated women and/or it perpetuates stereotypes.

You’re not on my porn level ladies, but your viewing habits are rather impressive. Except those of you who are reading “porn” like Fifty Shades of Grey. That’s not porn.

See all of the survey results on Marie Claire.


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