Women Revealed The Weirdest Things That Turn Them On And I Really Gotta Learn To Drive A Stick Shift

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Can you change a tire? Or drive a stick shift? Or chop down a tree with a butter knife? Well congrats bro, you’re more of a man than I, why don’t you brag about it or something. Men, as a species, are often oblivious to the emotions of our female counterparts. We typically have just a vague idea of what turns women on. Like I thought that forcing my girlfriend to watch countless hours of game tape from my men’s league basketball game was going to be the ultimate panty dropper, but instead she nearly jumps my bones when she sees that I did the dishes or some shit. What’s so sexy about housework? I’ll never know.

So when Redditor carlosd141 posed the question: Women of Reddit, what’s the weirdest thing that turns you on?, I used the top answers as a learning tool. Feel free to do the same.


heavy breathing. especially trying to cover it up and pretend it’s not happening.


If I’m leaning on a wall and a guy puts both hands on either side of me on the wall. I kinda feel trapped and super turned on.

Power stance or predator stance?


A co-worker walked by my chair once and very lightly touched the back of my neck. OH. MY. GOD.

My mind literally went blank for a second.

10% success rate, 90% chance of getting canned.


I love having to be discreet or quiet to maintain normalcy – like going down on each other as one of us is on the phone having an actual conversation. I like the coy nature of it and it’s got its own little thrill with only minor impact to whomever we’re on the phone with.


Being in water with my husband. Like pools, lakes, the ocean. Idk why, I just get horny af when we are in water together, even if he’s not nearby or paying attention to me! We joke about it a lot.

I am a poor swimmer. That’s one thing me and my sperm have in common.


Being nervous, I’m not entirely sure how but a wire got crossed somewhere along my sexual journey and now when I get nervous I get sexually excited even though it’s usually really inappropriate timing.

Nervous boners are kinda my thing.


I’ve posted this before, but thunderstorms. Something about that heavy electric feeling in the air, the tension before the storm, the actual power of the thunderstorm is a huge turn on.
I have no idea how sex and thunderstorms got linked together in my mind, but it happened sometime during college.

Thanks for the assist, mother nature. 


When a guy drives a stick shift car. I have no idea how to drive one but whenever he shifts into a new gear, there’s something oddly arousing about it.

All I get is whiplash. 


I dated a girl who got turned on by being late for things.

I’m a guy who really hates being late, so it caused some tension when she’d be throwing herself at me five minutes before we needed to be someplace.

I think she got off on the fact people had to wait for us, but I don’t know.

My ex-girlfriend is going to be late for her funeral. 


When my husband is an asshole to people I don’t like or goes on a good rant. I don’t know why, maybe seeing him get passionate about something gets me going? One time he took the piss out of someone we both dislike on Facebook so expertly that I fucked him once I read the post. No joke. He doesn’t do that often, and he’s pretty much awesome to me all the time.

So there are people who are attracted to those loud assholes on Facebook. Who would have thunk. 

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