Watch Near Naked Women Wrestle Each Other In Lingerie Fighting Championships Promo

by 5 years ago

Back in August, Doug introduced you to the Lingerie Fighting Championships with 15 tantalizing photos. Now there is a wonderfully sexy video for your new favorite sport.

The perfect union between wrestling and sexy girls comes into fruition in exciting spectacle. With the meteoric rise of females in the UFC such as Ronda Rousey and Holly Holm, it should be no surprise that the Lingerie Fighting Championships was born.

The LFC sells itself as “MMA like you’ve never seen it before.” And that’s probably for the best since I’d rather not see Conor McGregor in a teddy or Jon Jones barely dressed in panties from Victoria’s Secret.

However, some fights do seem to be a bit orchestrated, but I really think that you’ll be able to see past the professional wrestling aspect of it and forgive them. Plus, I think everybody wins when it comes to hot chicks wrestling in lingerie.

Sorry Lingerie Legends Football League, but the Lingerie Fighting Championships is my new favorite sport featuring near naked women.


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