Does World’s Most Beautiful Person Guarantee The Top Spot In This Week’s Hottie Index?

by 7 years ago

Jenny McCarthy
Like any man between the ages of 25-35, Brian Urlacher surely spent his youth rubbing it out to Jenny McCarthy.  She was all over the internet in its early stages with various pics and videos from her Playboy days.  Urlacher is now living out a lifelong dream by tagging McCarthy on a regular basis. Despite being 39, McCarthy still has the looks and Urlacher is at least getting to her while she still has something left on her tires.  

Lauren Ufer
What better way for an aspiring model to get her career going than to spend plenty of time on South Beach.  That's exactly where Ufer is headed after her fiancee Ryan Tannehill was selected #8 overall by the Miami Dolphins.  While Tannehill's NFL future is rather murky and his decision making in big games has been questioned, he's shown he makes plays off the field by locking in this dime piece.  Don't be surprised to see her on the sidelines soon as a cheerleader.

Beyonce Knowles
Normally the phrase goes “the people have spoken,” but in this case we can say that “People” has spoken and the magazine has named Beyonce as the world's most beautiful woman.  While Beyonce is pretty hot and has a mighty fine donk, I'm not quite sure she's the world's best.  I'm sure I'm not the only one out there who thinks she'd have some real competition for the title.  Let's see if you bros think she's even worthy of this week's Hottie Index title.

Kaley Cucuo
This week's Twitter-related entry comes from the sexy Kaley Cuoco, who posted pictures of herself in a bikini on the beach recently. She must have some downtime after finishing another season of the always hilarious Big Bang Theory. Her 700K followers now know that she likes dogs and neon paint.  She's pretty active with the photos, so hopefully there's more good things to come.

Emily Blunt
“The Five-Year Engagement” hits theaters this weekend and hopefully it's much more entertaining than Judd Apatow's other project, HBO's “Girls.”  (You see Judd Apatow and you assume the sh*t is gonna be funny.  The pilot of “Girls” was about as funny as a lobotomy.  For those who wonder why I even gave it a shot, I guess I got what I deserved in the torture from watching those thirty minutes.)  Blunt stars in “The Five-Year Engagement” and one can only hope Jason Segel's character wasn't forced to wait til marriage to break that hymen.

So who is this week's top hottie?

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