WWE’s ‘Ravishing Russian’ Lana Just Did A New Bikini Shoot That’s Well, Pretty Darn Ravishing

So has “The Ravishing Russian” Lana, AKA CJ Perry, the former FSU Cowgirl, actually started wrestling on the regular yet for WWE or is she still basically just Rusev’s valet? I quit watching (again) sometime around WrestleMania 33, so I’ve completely lost track. I know that she was training to wrestle because I watch that Total Divas show, but that’s filmed so far in advance what happens on it is hardly even pertinent by the time it airs. (Yes, I watch that show. Shut up. I also watch Total Bellas so bite me. John Cena’s house is freaking amazing.)

Anyway, the WWE must be gearing up for her to do something really important because they just shot a new pictorial of Perry/Lana in various bikinis and swimsuits for their web site. Other than that reason I have no other idea as to why she was chosen for this photo shoot over the numerous other wrestlers they could have picked.

Not that I am complaining about them selecting her. Far from it. As we’ve seen in the past (many, many times) Perry/Lana is in killer shape and is not the least bit afraid to flaunt it. In fact, her Instagram account is littered with bikini photos so I say more power to her.

And hey, when you started out doing this

And now you’re one of the stars of the longest running prime-time television series in U.S. history, you can pretty much do whatever the hell you want, right? Right.






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