Thirsty Dudes All Over The Internet Lost Their Damn Minds Thinking Weather Girl Yanet Garcia Had A Nip Slip

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Wonder Woman ❤️️💪🏻

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Our favorite weather girl in the world, Yanet Garcia, looked to have a pretty good time over Halloween weekend. Not only did she dress up as Wonder Woman, as you can see above, she also dressed up as perhaps the sexiest witch mine eyes have ever seen.

Happy Halloween 👻 🎃

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However, it wasn’t her costumes that got thirsty dudes all over the internet fired up, it was the fact that they believe that she had a nip slip while filming herself in her Wonder Woman getup.

How thirsty are these guys? Check this out…



As of this writing there are actually 18 of those when you do a Google search. Apparently the original was removed but dudes are SO WANTING this to be a nip slip it’s blowing up like a freaking bonfire.

The Instagram comments on her Wonder Woman photo are just as thirsty if not more so…


Yanet Garcia, Instagram

Now, I have watched this video several times, as is my duty and purely for research purposes in order to write this article, and uh, I don’t see a damn thing.

Oh yeah, if this video also gets taken down, well, as you saw, there are plenty of others to choose from on YouTube.

Bros, really? Sure she looks VERY HOT in the video and showing off a heaping helping of boob, but this might be the biggest case of widespread internet thirst I have ever seen, and I have been doing this for a long time now. C’mon.

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