INVESTIGATION: Did This Young Lady Shit Her Pants While Twerking On Stage?

by 1 year ago

Hell Nah: Girl Sh*ts Her Shorts While Twerking On Stage!

Bravo to this brave damsel for having the courage to dance seductively on stage in front of all those people. However, it seems as though she had some sort of leakage on her backside during her presentation. But what kind of fluid or substance could have stained her bottom? We launch an investigation into what could possibly be leaking out from this young woman.


The first feasible substance is feces. That seems to be the most logical since the title of the video is: “Hell Nah: Girl Shits Her Shorts While Twerking On Stage!” That shit looks embarrassing. You would hope that her body wouldn’t betray her like that while she’s in the spotlight. But maybe, just maybe, she thought she was going to fart, and it resulted in a disastrous shart instead. We’ve all been there. If she did poop her pants, I will say she twerked the shit out of that ass.


This energetic woman was putting on a magnificent show, and she was really giving it her all. She was probably nervous with all those thirsty eyeballs fixed on her. Plus it appears to be a warm area, possibly during Spring Break. It is a real chance that those factors caused her taint to sweat profusely, drenching her shorts and causing them to be darker than they are.


This young lady twerks it til she squirts it. But did she inadvertently eject her tampon when she was popping that pussy? It’s quite possible. That will really throw a monkey wrench into your performance. You can’t stop Mother Nature or Aunt Flo.

I’ve studied the footage like it’s the Zapruder film, and yet I still have no clear-cut answer as to what caused this woman to have a dark stain on her bottom.

What is your hypothesis? Tell us in the comments.

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