13 kind-hearted Irish women too drunk and disorderly for St. Patrick’s Day

by 5 years ago

There are only two kinds of people in the world, the Irish and those who wish they were. On March 17th, these folks get together and drink themselves into oblivion. Here are 13 women who partied a little too hard, 13 women who drank far too much green beer.

13. And down she goes


12. Squatting on a tree is no way to go through life

St. Patrick's Day peeing

11. I hate to break this to you but leprechauns aren’t real

sexy leprechauns

10. FACT: The Irish invented twerking

9. *Um, hmm, moves uncomfortably in seat

Sausage drunk St. Patrick's Day

8. This is a video of 2 girls adorably beating some guy’s ass

7. True story: Bud Light doesn’t taste any better on St. Patrick’s Day

Bud light St. Patrick's Day

6. Is it your lucky shirt though? Is it really?

drunk girl St. Patrick's Day

5. Girl so drunk she walks sideways

4. She’s wearing a green skirt, she must be Irish

booze St. Patrick Day

3. Because nothing says St. Patrick’s Day then two girls scissoring on a street

drunk lesbians St. Patrick Day

2. “Hey, let’s rub our body on this super clean floor”

drunk St. Patrick's Day

1. A St. Patty’s menage a trois

St. Paddy girls

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