5 Twinkies substitutes to fill your void

by 6 years ago

Twinkies are gone for the moment, and everyone is pretending to care. If you really do love the cake-like shit sticks though, Supertaster put five potential alternatives though the ringer.

Let’s all be honest for a second. You don’t eat Twinkies. No one does, at least not since Sgt. Al Powell aka Carl Winslow aka Reginald VelJohnson. Hostess can blame the unions all they want, but the real reason they were bankrupt for the second time in a decade is because their products suck. Flamin’ Hot Cheetos are all the range now; get with it.

I don’t foresee myself eating any of these replacement products, but I did love those zebra cakes back when I didn’t know how to taste.