7 common Facebook ‘interests’ and what they really mean

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Facebook Common Interests

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It’s almost ironic that Facebook profiles have so much information, yet so little that is actually revealing. Like I see that you listed “anything Will Ferrell makes” under your favorite movies section. But does that mean you haven’t updated your profile since 2006 or that you genuinely thought Land of the Lost was funny? We’ve gone through hundreds of thousands of millions of Facebook profiles and decoded seven of the most mysterious Facebook interests.

Photo credit: Thos003, Flickr

7 Dancing in the Rain

Dancing in the rain is the equivalent of saying “I’m insanely spontaneous!!!” I mean, if someone is dancing in the rain, you can only imagine what she’s doing during a hailstorm. She’s probably doing something crazy-fun like power yoga or playing table tennis or protesting fur.

6 Going to the Gym

Going to the gym is an easy way to let someone know that you are the strongest, most fit person in the entire world. It’s actually a miracle this person even has time to create a Facebook profile between all the muscle building and steroid injecting. Don’t be surprised if you get this person’s profile confused with Hulk Hogan’s.

5 Getting Drunk

Getting drunk lets everyone know right away that this person is not in AA and is not a Mormon. Along with the majority of Americans, he likes drinking alcohol and waking up naked on his neighbor’s lawn. Sometimes he even throws up after getting drunk– but for some reason that didn’t make it to his Facebook interests.

4 Playing the Guitar

Playing the guitar is quite the find on a Facebook profile. If this guy decides to go mainstream John Mayer better run and hide. He’s that good. After all, he can play 3 and a half songs and that’s plenty considering that it usually only takes one song before a girl agrees to sleep with him.

3 Friends

Friends is the first interest you should look for on a Facebook profile. It’s a great indicator that a person is absolutely not a psychopath. He probably also loves calling these friends, writing on these friend’s walls, and receiving restraining orders from these friends.

2 Traveling

Traveling is a great way to find out if someone prefers to sit home 365 day a year or if she would prefer to go on a vacation. After all, not everyone likes going to exotic destinations and staying in amazing resorts. Some people prefer to spend their weekends stuck in a cubicle, starring at a faded Dilbert cartoon.

1 Laughing

Laughing is a great indicator of a happy person. Maybe some people love crying, frowning, and sobbing, but not this guy. He could laugh all day long. In fact he loves laughing so much that he sometimes tells everyone he’s laughing by typing LOL :).

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