8 superpowers that would make everyday life awesome

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Superpowers IRL

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Everyone wants to have at least one superpower. Anyone who tells you that they don’t is either lying or doesn’t like fun. For ages, mankind has marveled over the possibilities of saving the world with their superhuman abilities. But if you were able to ignore that whole “with great power comes great responsibility” thing, and still had superpowers, wouldn’t your day-to-day life kind of rule? Things would at least be a lot easier, and a lot more fun. Here are 8 superpowers that would make every day a blast and a half.

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8 Teleportation
Imagine this: you’ve woken up way past your alarm clock and you’ve already gotten a couple of warnings from your boss for being late. Well, with teleportation, there’s no need to fret. All you have to do is get yourself dressed and transport your whole body over from your room to your office. Case closed. Suck it, boss. Bored on a Saturday afternoon? Why not check out the beaches in Australia for a few hours before you need to be home in time for dinner? The possibilities are really endless. The best part is that traveling no longer has to be a long endeavor which sometimes forces interaction with really annoying people. Teleportation could make that happen.

7 Super strength
Ever been to a bar or a club, and there are a bunch of d-bags looking to mess around with hapless bystanders? Don’t you sometimes wish you could calmly go up to one of those juice heads, pick them up off the ground by their Affliction t-shirt and escort them face first out of the bar? Super strength could make that happen for you. Helping your friends move would be a cinch, no matter how many floors up their apartment is located. Life could be like one of those beach movies where the hero shows off by carrying a girl on each of his shoulders. You really can’t go wrong with this one.

6 Telekinesis
Telekinesis, being able to move stuff around with your mental abilities, would be incredible. Especially if you’re lazy like 90% of the population. Remote control just out of reach? Not anymore. Wanna grab a beer from the far off kitchen? It only takes one thought and voila you’ve got a cold one in your hands! This could probably make for the best beer commercial of all time. You’re welcome, Anheuser Busch.

5 Telepathy
Okay, maybe this one goes hand in hand with telekinesis, but mind-reading is so cool it deserves its own spot. Awkward moments will forever be avoided, intentions will be made clear, and all secrets will come to light. Careful that you don’t pry too deep however, you may not be able to look some people in the eyes after finding out their deepest darkest secrets. On the flip side, you’d make a hell of an entertainer at parties.

4 Shape-shifting
Ever wanted to look like a bear to scare off those damn kids that keep hanging out on your lawn? Look like a movie star to get into that stupid club that wouldn’t let you and your four friends in? With shape-shifting this is all very possible. Of course this could leave you with some really bogus identity issues to work around down the line, but who likes to think about that?

3 Healing Factor
One thing about aging is that it sucks. Your body begins to slowly betray you little by little. Playing a game of pickup football with the boys on a Saturday afternoon could easily lead to a blown out knee. With healing factor, you can pretty much do anything without fear of injury. No longer will you be bothered by sprained ankles, minor concussions, and the like. You’ll be the king of the weekend warriors.

2 Super speed
Maybe this isn’t the most practical superpower (there is teleportation after all) but who doesn’t want to be able to run really fast? There’s something really freeing about being able to run as fast as you can. And if you can run as fast as the speed of light, that’s gotta be pretty awesome. It also gives you a free pass to talk fast and crack wise. It’ll be impossible to get smacked upside the head for saying something stupid with some super speed.

1 Flying
If you even have to question why this would make your life pretty awesome, you shouldn’t have been reading this far in the first place. Flying is cool, plain and simple. Imagine being up thousands of feet up in the air with the wind blowing through your hair, being able to look down at a beautiful skyline from above. Now imagine being able to take a girl up there with you after a date. Guess who’s getting some tonight? You are, flying guy. You are.

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