8 things I learned at the French Open

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Attending the French Open last week was a once in a lifetime opportunity for me. Although I don’t particularly enjoy clay court tennis, attending a Grand Slam on European soil was on my sports bucket list. Briefly, here are some entertaining photos I snapped on Opening Day.

8 A man in a beret

Wearing a beret doesn’t endear you to folks at Roland Garros. In fact, I think I almost caused an international incident with the whole flag in the shirt routine. Screaming, “Vive Le France” didn’t help my cause either.

7 Andy Roddick

Perhaps it was because he was playing Frenchman Nicolas Mahut or perhaps they just don’t like American males. Either way, the boos for Andy Roddick were heard all the way to Philippe Chatrier Stadium.

6 Tennis Channel hottie

Tennis channel reporter Cari Champion is a stunningly gorgeous woman in person but my attempts to take a picture with her in my fancy beret were rebuffed. As such, she no longer graces my wallpaper.

5 French fingerblasting

Paris is a romantic city, I get it. But touching your lady in her special parts for an entire set is rather inappropriate (no I’m not kidding, she returned the favor much later in the day).

4 A fake Serena Williams

I asked this woman if she was Serena Williams. She was none too pleased and responded with what I believe was French for “F-ck you, fat man in a beret.”

Female fan not interested in match

Not sure if this is common at other Grand Slams but this female spectator watched a completely separate match from our court. Not once did she turn around to see what was going on. Maybe she wanted to show off her pasty French legs. Who knows.

2 French Open workers

The workers and volunteers were exceptionally well dressed and pleasant. Pretty much the opposite of every other person in Paris.

1 Fancy hats

Kentucky Derby hats have nothing on the French Open.

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