Most 90-year-olds can barely move; these two decided to race

by 5 years ago

Sure, you could laugh at these elderly titans of the track. Or you could strap yourself in for an emotional journey as two 90-year-old men compete in a 100 meter dash at the 2013 European Veterans Athletics Championships.

The problem is that the dude up top wasted all his energy on the first leg. The 100-meter is a game of ebbs and flows, particularly when you’re running it in about twice the speed of what it takes any ably bodied person. These guys had time for a first gear, a second gear, and a third gear that most normally wouldn’t get when running for 20 seconds.

Either way, there’s a 50% chance both you and I will be dead when we’re the same age as these two old guys running so I’m not going to shit on their efforts. Great jobs, Pop Pop 1 and Pop Pop 2.

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