A behind the scenes look at Valorie Curry as gaming’s next big hottie

by 7 years ago

Have you seen the Kara tech demo by Quantic Dream that was all the rage a few weeks back? Even if the answer is no, here’s a behind the scenes look anyway, starring Valorie Curry, who has the potential to be gaming’s next big hottie.

The demo is not from any actual game, just a way to show off some fancy motion capture tech that Quantic Dream is developing. They made Heavy Rain, by the way, and they’ve clearly made considerable strides, given how ugly and creepy its characters were.

Though it certainly helps that Curry is very easy on the eyes and a better actress than the talent from that other thing. Hence why many are begging for Kara to be made into an actual game. My bet is that plans are already underway, and the test was a way to gauge interest.

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