A bunch of sexy new ‘Spring Breakers’ images

Harmony Korine and Selena Gomez – a match made in the weirdest heaven imaginable. One of the strangest movies on the slate for this year is Spring Breakers, which seems like a Hollywood fever dream of the highest magnitude. On one hand, it stars Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens and some other hotties as college students on Spring Break who want to party all day and all night. On the other hand, it’s directed by Harmony Korine, the total weirdo who last made Trash Humpers, a shot-on-VHS story about degenerate street people who have sex with garbage piles. James Franco co-stars as a drug dealer named “Alien,” for God’s sake. It looks like a huge hilarious mess, and here’s fifteen new bikini-centric images to look at. Spring Breakers opens later this year.