A burning desire for The Oatmeal’s Sriracha Popcorn

by 7 years ago

If you have a soul, you love Sriracha. That may be hyperbolic, but it’s close to true. That’s why I can’t contain my excitement for the The Oatmeal and J&D’s collaborative Sriracha Popcorn.

Rather than making something so spicy it was inedible, we focused more on making it taste good. The recipe contains a mixture of garlic, peppers, salt, and has quite a kick to it. If you eat it really fast it’s got a respectable afterburn, but if you take it slow it’s like riding a riverboat through the jungles of dee-lish.

The Oatmeal is great at drawing, making legitimate points in an entertaining fashion, and causing extreme laughter. J&D’s excels at adding bacon to things. Together they’re unstoppable. Well, nearly unstoppable. As much as I would non-fatally stab my own son for this man-made manna, $6 for a 4-ounce bag combined with another $6 for shipping is outside of my reasonable price range for popcorn. That leaves only one option. Make The Oatmeal shop my homepage and wait until I get home drunk on Saturday.

The Oatmeal

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