A closer look at the one good thing in ‘Resident Evil 6’

by 6 years ago

As noted the other day, everyone hates Resident Evil 6, and because of one simple fact: it flat out sucks. Yet there’s also one saving grace: adults screwing around in a children’s playground (and in the midst of all hell breaking loose).

Destructoid was the first to casually mention this goofy little diversion, but Kotaku (in their week long quest to defend the game, for whatever reason) decided to dig deep and see how sliding differs among characters, as seen above.

Not only that, but they compare it to Gears of War 3, which allows you to do the same (and which many have accused Capcom of ripping off). Not sure what’s funnier: Cole from Gears‘s unmistakable excitement, or the RE cast’s stoicism.

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