Aaron Rodgers lost a bet to Boyz II Men

by 7 years ago

Aaron Rodgers is good friends with Boyz II Men. That nugget alone is worth several hundred words of analysis. But for the time being let’s ignore that and instead focus on a bet the two parties made.

Rodgers asked his buddies to sing the National Anthem for the season opener. They agreed but only if something was on the line. If the 49ers were to win, Rodgers would wear an Alex Smith jersey for the entire week. And if the Packers won, Nathan Morris a lifelong 49ers fan, would wear a Rodgers jersey.

Obviously more was on the line for Rodgers and unfortunately for him, the Packers lost. We’ve yet to see any photos of Rodgers in his fancy new Alex Smith jersey but we’ll sure to pass it along should they arise.

As for Boyz II Men, they’re just thrilled to be part of popular culture again. Their careers are not yet at the “End of the Road.”

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