Absolut Tune is perfect for the morning after

by 6 years ago

Fusions are all the rage at the moment, and Absolut is not one to shy away from innovation. Their newest product is Absolut Tune, a tremendous combination of sparkling wine and vodka.

Colin Joliat

I was skeptical but curious when I first heard of this unique alcoholic marriage. I had a huge list of questions to which I demanded answers. Could I really just toast a class of vodkampagne? Would it work well in Mimosas?  OK, it was really just those two questions. I don’t often find myself popping bottles of bubbly, though that could change if my rap career ever takes off.

My queries were quickly answered when I busted out a Tune during a football tailgate. Like the high class gentleman that I am, the first drink was swigged right out of the bottle. I could use this as a champagne substitute when I wanted to get a little more boozed (14% ABV), but you certainly wouldn’t confuse the two. In a cocktail, on the other hand, it was incredible.

I don’t drink many mimosas or screw drivers, but that is likely to change if Absolut Tune hangs around. The cocktail choice was obvious. If champagne and OJ works well, and vodka and OJ taste great, then vodka/champagne (technically it’s white wine and carbonation) and OJ has to be the greatest thing to happen to mornings since bacon. Turns out that’s exactly the case. It was 10x better than a mimosa, and at least 5x better than a screw driver. Plus, it gave me the opportunity to coin the name “Morning Screw.”

If you’re showing up to a place where breakfast drinks are in order, you can’t go wrong with this. It’s fun, unique, and will certainly get your friends talking. You can arm yourself with more cocktails at the Absolut website.