Acer’s new C7 Chromebook might be worth getting if you’re cheap

by 6 years ago

Being cheap when it comes to computers means accepting a mix of benefits and drawbacks, the benefit usually being that you save money, and the drawback being that your computer sucks.



With Acer’s new C7 Chromebook, though, it’s not quite so simple.

To explain, Chrome is Google’s desktop OS. Most of the apps, like word processing, are done online and stored in the cloud. This includes most of your storage: Chromebooks to this point have had a pathetic 16GB storage, albeit in a solid state drive. The upside? They resume instantly and boot in less than ten seconds.

Acer actually strikes a balance between neat and useable. It boots in eighteen seconds; not great, but serviceable. The battery life is 3.5 hours, again not great, but serviceable. On the other hand, that’s because it has a 320GB hard drive, meaning you can, say, put another OS on it, or store games on it, or do a whole host of other things.

True, it’s 11.6″, not the biggest laptop you can get. But it’s also $199. So if you need a new computer and need one cheap, it might be time to go Chrome.

C7 Chromebook [Google Play]

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