Adding a water slide to a superyacht is awesome, insanely expensive

by 7 years ago

Superyachts are fun to dream about. They’re ridiculously expensive, insanely luxurious, and generally only the province of Bond movies and well-off criminals. But they lack water slides.

Needless to say, Freestyle Slides look to address this incredible injustice.

Really you’d think this kind of thing would just come standard with a superyacht, since these things ship with helicopters and cigar boats and other vehicles that cost offensive amounts of money on their own. But apparently they aren’t designed to actually be any fun.

But these things actually aren’t just a slap-on and go kind of affair. They come in two styles, depending on the size of your superyacht (i.e. offensively expensive and insanely offensively expensive). Here’s a video detailing their construction:

What really gets us is the fact that they recommend that your yacht bust out the crane that’s been built into it in order to drag this inflatable beast onto your yacht. Yes, they assume that you’ve bought a boat that has a crane in it. To haul in a water slide.

Some people really know how to live.

FreeStyle Cruiser [Freestyle Slides]

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