Adventure gaming’s last hope rocked Kickstarter, but the millionaire Wiccan?

by 7 years ago

Yesterday, Tim Schafer made history by raising over 3 million dollars via Kickstarter, to help bring back adventure gaming. And now everyone wants to get in on the action, like Ellwood “Bunky” Bartlett, a retired accountant who won the lotto, and who is also a Wiccan.


First off, how did Schafer and his company Double Fine net so much cash to begin with? Well, aside from being an all around awesome dude, he has a proven track record (ask any fan of Psychonauts). Plus the type of games he wants to make is the kind that many wish they could play, but which publishers feel are not worth the bother. Hence why crowd-sourced funding was resorted to, and its success has sent shivers of panic down the spines of the status quo.

But this Bunky guy, who the hell is he? Going via Kotaku‘s description, he seems like a nice fellow, but a totally clueless one. As in, he clearly didn’t anticipate the backlash he got when proposing some goofy sounding game that some ADD raddled gamer dork spouts for 20 straight minutes, when asked to come up with “the perfect game, especially the price tag of 1.1 million dollars. Plus the fact that Bunky is loaded himself (he won Maryland’s Mega Millions in 2007).

The best part of the big K’s rundown is when Bunky was asked if he had experience making games: “I have not, but I never owned an investment company or a pizza shop before, but I do now… I am the idea man. I think it, get other investors, and hire the right people to make it happen. Been playing games since Pong. I know what I like and what others have said they would like. I will hire those needed to make it a reality.”

You know, much of what he says is somewhat rational, but his assertion that he’s an idea man is in serious question, when the best he can come up with is to combine best parts of Second Life, World of Warcraft, Star Wars: The Old Republic. Though it’s worth noting that when Kotaku ran its piece, the amount donated towards the game was just one dollar. And as of this writing, the initiative is up to $256. All his newfound attention seems to paying off, somewhat.

That’s hardly the asking amount, but hey, it’s something. Perhaps it speaks of how sorry people feel for the guy?

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