Air Strike Catapult: A desktop siege machine

by 7 years ago

Let’s face it, work is boring, and sometimes, you need to amuse yourself, usually at the expense of your coworkers. And workplace pranks, while amusing, can take too long to set up and perhaps may not fully communicate, say, the blood-boiling rage you have at the guy in the cube next to you constantly whining on the phone to his wife.

air strike catapultWhich is why we say, bring on the projectiles! Specifically, this tiny catapult.

Courtesy of the ever-creative nerds at ThinkGeek, this blue plastic siege engine suction-cups to your desk. You load it with a soft, spiky ball, and then fling that mofo up to forty feet to say hello to Bob in Accounting.

The important thing here is, of course, you can sub out ammo as necessary. Like, say, ball bearings to finally crack that annoying mooing cow mug some jackass brought in and won’t stop using, even after he’s been asked politely to stop by the gods themselves. Or tiny foam dead cows you’ve sneezed on, to bean that coworker who, every time you have a cold, practically follows you around with Sani-Wipes.

We’re just making suggestions here.

Air Strike Catapult [ThinkGeek]

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