Amazon brings Instant Video to iPad

by 7 years ago

One of the more annoying things about the Kindle Fire is how tight-assed Amazon has been about content. I have Amazon Prime, like most people who live in a city, and I buy a lot of stuff off of Amazon Instant Video. But I can’t borrow books from the lending library or stream video because I don’t want their crappy tablet.

Instant Video


Thankfully, the Nexus 7 has put the writing on the wall for Amazon and Instant Video has come to the iPad.

The app is pretty much exactly what you’d expect if you’ve used an Amazon product. It’s similar to the other apps its put out for consoles and Roku, meaning the streaming itself is great and the interface for finding content is absolutely godawful. Then again, every video app is godawful in its own way in that respect so I guess I can’t fault Amazon for sticking with the pack.

The point is, it works, and if you have shows on Instant Video, you can now watch them on your iPad. I expect Android will be following shortly, since Amazon likes money, and we need never look at the Kindle Fire again.

Amazon Brings Instant Video to the iPad [Wired]

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