American Apparel continues to assault your sensibilities with this new ad campaign

by 5 years ago

After grossing me out with their new pube-friendly mannequins, American Apparel is changing the game again with a new campaign.

The new social media campaign, launched on Instagram, features a 62-year-old model with the caption “Sexy has no expiration date.”

According to Buzzfeed, the model — named Jacky O’Shaughnessy — has been featured in campaigns since she was scouted at an NYC restaurant in 2011.

The photo, which went live on Friday, has 18,000 “likes” on Instagram since it was published.

I was pretty hard on American Apparel for the pube mannequins — i still content that’s something pretty gross that I don’t want to see on my walk to work — but this campaign I can get behind. Not saying I’m cruising for sexy babes eligible for Social Security checks but it’s kind of nice and empowering that this lady can be seen as a model even though she was born at a time when Dwight Eisenhower could be described as “spry.”

Kind of weird if she’s your grandmother, though. Not sure I need to see Nana popping up half-naked on my Instagram feed on the reg.

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