An iPad somehow lodged itself in a car

How does an iPad get stuck in the bumper of a woman’s car? This is how.

car ipad bumper


Alexa Crisa was driving through Marietta, Ga. when a car turned in front of her and sent something flying towards her car.

Crisa told WSB-TV that she stopped her car but didn’t notice any substantial damage at the time.

After running the rest of her errands and going about her day, Crisa returned home. Her dad, Nick, noticed a strange new addition to their Nissan.

“And I went into the house, ‘Why’s there an iPad stuck to the front bumper of the car?’” Nick told WSB-TV.

Crisa had to use a hammer to dislodge the iPad from the car.

The couple were able to get the owner’s name and address from the semi-functional tablet. They returned it to the man, who told them that the iPad was on the top of his car when he forgot and drove away.

It’s unclear if the iPad will ever be able to play Fruit Ninja again.