And the award for most bizarre Etsy product goes to…

by 7 years ago

No spoilers here. You’re going to have to click through to find out. There will be no regrets if you do.

Via FilmDrunk comes this “Sexy Vampire Menstrual Pad,” the perfect product to both titillate your lady friend while also catching her vaginal leavin’s.

According to the Etsy description:

“An extra long version of the Goddess pad, measuring at a whopping 16 inches long it’s surely to be the only pad you’ll need for your heaviest overnight flows or after childbirth.”

If I’m going to put an illustrated vampire on my leaky vagina, I’d like to think I can do better than one that looks like it’d be the villain in an 8-bit NES horror movie fighting game. That’s just me, though. Maybe I hold my hypothetical lady parts to too high of a standard.

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