Anderson Cooper gets first interview with ‘Reddit troll’ Michael Brutsch

by 6 years ago

How is a grown man like a “monkey that pushes the button and gets the food”? The first interview with “Reddit troll” Michael Brutsch, aka violentacrez, with Anderson Cooper 360 reveals the story.

The guy is undoubtedly a creep who relished his anonymity and relative Internet fame in equal parts entirely too much. But it’s hard not to feel bad for him watching his life go completely into shambles when, realistically, he never actually hurt anyone.

That said, you watch this video and see how calm Brutsch is and at peace with the not-so-wonderful things he’s done on the Internet…it’s not that far fetched that this guy was one chromosome away from being a serial killer, right? Maybe not the “penis-tucked-between-the-legs skin thief” type, but at least a “bludgeon a homeless man looking for a ride” kind of guy.