Your next Android phone will also be your next computer

by 8 years ago

It’s been the dream of smartphone manufacturers for years: plug your phone into a dock attached to a monitor and keyboard and suddenly, you’re toting around a full-fledged computer.

ubuntu for android


Motorola, in particular, has been trying to pull off this stunt for years: their Atrix phone had a laptop dock, for example. But this is slightly different in that it means you don’t have to lug a specialized dock around.

How is this possible? Through the magic of Unix.

Android and Ubuntu, a popular Linux-based operating system, are both built on the same code. This means you can load Ubuntu onto an Android phone while using a minimum of space. That’s useful because it means you can plug in your phone, and have applications like Office, Photoshop (well, GIMP, the Linux response to Photoshop), and others you want to use, right there.

In other words, it really would be putting a computer in your pocket. You could even make calls while the phone is in the dock.

This won’t be on your phone tomorrow: it has to be integrated into the phone, so you’ll probably start seeing it in high-end Android phones late this year. Still, it’s nice to know that a time when your computer is on you at all times without killing your shoulder isn’t so far away.

Android’s new ally against iPhone: Ubuntu [CNet]

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