AnyGlove makes your normal gloves touchscreen friendly

by 7 years ago

It’s winter, and that means gloves. Unfortunately, if you have a smartphone, that also means you’ve got a choice between freezing your hand as you use your phone, or not using your phone. Considering how utile phones have become, that’s not really a choice. So you can shell out for custom gloves that actually work with your phone… or you can just use AnyGlove.



Here’s the problem with normal gloves: Touchscreens work by, essentially, completing a circuit through your fingertips. So when you wear gloves, which are generally made from non-conducting materials, there’s no way to complete the circuit.

This is how “touchscreen gloves” work. They have metal built into them, or something else conductive, that completes the circuit. So, yeah, touchscreen gloves are a bit of a ripoff.

AnyGlove is essentially a treatment for gloves that allow you to conduct electricity. You simply put some of it on a finger, blast it with a hair dryer or some other heat source, and bam, instant touchscreen gloves:

And you can turn any glove you own touchscreen friendly: One bottle of this stuff will last for multiple gloves, and it runs you $15.

AnyGlove [Official Site]

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