Apple isn’t making a TV, and that’s a good thing

by 7 years ago

You’ve probably been hearing, for years now, that Apple is going to make a magic television. This magic television will do everything up to and including farting rainbows. But recently a key executive at Apple said it wasn’t going to happen… and thank God for that.

Here’s the problem with the idea of Apple making televisions: They’d be terrible.

It’s not that Apple doesn’t make great products. Apple makes spectacular products. The problem is inherent in the “TV” part of the equation.

I’m all for smart televisions: In fact, I highly recommend that you turn your stupid TV into a smart one. But I also recommend doing that with an attachable dongle that can be replaced with a minimum of fuss.

Apple is literally incapable of doing this. They hate the idea of software and hardware the consumer can upgrade. That’s because they’re quality fanatics and don’t want anything to compromise the experience. But that also means you probably wouldn’t be able to connect all the game consoles and other stuff you do to your current TV, since Apple isn’t a fan of “extraneous” ports.

So essentially what Apple would be making is a smart TV that, within two years, will be pretty much worthless. In other words, Apple would be turning out a money sink with millions sold and then winding up in landfills. I’ll take the set I can upgrade, thanks.

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