Applebee’s proves it’s as bad at viral marketing as it is at food

by 6 years ago

Ever have those mornings where you wake up and think “Gosh, I’d love to be berated by a mimosa-wielding elderly woman about how much time I spend on the Internet instead of at Applebee’s”? I know I sure do. Thank God for the Girls’ Night Out Goddess.

This starts out as what appears to be a horrible internet video, and then 33 seconds in… SURPRISE TWIST! It’s actually a different horrible Internet video! That wants you to buy something! It might be more successful if the Internet and Applebee’s didn’t already have so much in common. They’re both places full of trolls who consume endless buffets of shit, leave horrible tips, and end up regretting the time the spent there in the first place. The only difference is that the Internet doesn’t make me pee out my butt.

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