Arian Foster gives his linemen Segways

by 8 years ago

As a thank you for blocking for him and not getting him killed, Arian Foster bought his offensive linemen Segways. You remember those things right? The lazy man’s way to get around a busy street. In the hands of an offensive linemen though, they can be quite dangerous. Weapons of mass destruction perhaps.

Take a look at this hilarious GIF of Duane Brown riding around the locker room, weaving between reporters.

Matt Schaub also expressed concern saying, “It’s nice to see that, that he appreciates what the offensive linemen do. I just want them to be careful, there are too many people walking around, too many obstacles. I just want to make sure they’re safe.”

Brown responded with, “we’re athletes man, we got body control.”

And there you have it folks. The famous last words of a man before he crashes into a teammate, tearing his ACL.

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